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Selected publications

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Interactions between culturable bacteria are highly non-additive [pdf]

eLife 2023.

Amichai Baichman-Kass, Tingting Song, and Jonathan Friedman

Interactions between culturable bacteria are predicted by individual species’ growth [pdf]

mSystems 2023.  

Einat Nestor, Gal Toledano, and Jonathan Friedman

Positive interactions are common among culturable bacteria [pdf]

Science Advances 2021.  

Jared Kehe, Anthony Ortiz, Anthony Kulesa,  Jeff Gore, Paul C. Blainey, and Jonathan Friedman

Community composition of microbial microcosms follows simple assembly rules at evolutionary timescales [pdf]

Nature Communications 2021. 

Nittay Meroz, Nesli Tovi, Yael Sorkin, and Jonathan Friedman

Community structure follows simple assembly rules in microbial microcosms [pdf]
Nature Ecology and Evolution 2018.
Jonathan Friedman, Logan Higgins, and Jeff Gore

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