Selected publications

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Recent preprints

Community composition of microbial microcosms follows simple assembly rules at evolutionary timescales 


Nittay Meroz, Nesli Tovi, Yael Sorkin, and Jonathan Friedman

Positive interactions within and between populations decrease the likelihood of evolutionary rescue


Yaron Goldberg and Jonathan Friedman

Positive interactions are common among culturable bacteria

[bioRxiv] 2020. 

Jared Kehe, Anthony Ortiz, Anthony Kulesa,  Jeff Gore, Paul C. Blainey, and Jonathan Friedman

Published works

Massively parallel screening of synthetic microbial communities [pdf]

PNAS 2019.

Jared Kehe, Anthony Kulesa, Anthony Ortiz, Cheri M. Ackerman, Sri Gowtham Thakku, Daniel Sellers, Seppe Kuehn, Jeff Gore, Jonathan Friedman, and Paul C. Blainey

Community structure follows simple assembly rules in microbial microcosms [pdf]
Nature Ecology and Evolution 2018.
Jonathan Friedman, Logan Higgins, and Jeff Gore

Sympatric speciation: when is it possible in bacteria? [pdf]

PLoS One. 2013.

Jonathan Friedman, Eric J Alm, B Jesse Shapiro

Inferring correlation networks from genomic survey data [pdf]
PLoS Comput Biol. 2012
Jonathan Friedman, Eric J Alm