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Jonathan Friedman (Google Scholar                    )

Principal Investigator 

Postdoc Center for Physics of Living Systems, MIT, 2017 (Mentor: Jeff Gore)

PhD Computational and Systems Biology, MIT, 2013 (Mentors: Eric Alm & Daniel Rothman)

BSc Physics and Biology, Tel-Aviv University (2007)

Jonathan has a background in bioinformatics, mathematical biology, and experimental microbiology. His main area of interest and expertise is microbial community dynamics.

Yael Sorokin

Lab manager
MSc student in Agroecology

BSc Nutrition Science, Hebrew University, 2019.

Yael studies how bacterial cross-feeding is affected by coevolution.


Ignacio José Melero Jiménez (Google Scholar)

Postdoctoral reseacher

Margarita Salas Fellow

PhD Biodiversity and Environmental Sciences, Malaga University (Spain), 2021.

BSc Environmental Sciences, Malaga University (Spain), 2014.

Ignacio studies evolutionary rescue in microbial communities - how interspecific interactions affect a microbial community's ability to adapt to changing conditions.


Tingting Song

Postdoctoral reseacher

Lady Davis Fellow

PhD Agro-grassland science,  Northeast Agricultural University (China), 2022

MSc Botany,  Northeast Agricultural University (China), 2017.

Tingting studies how plant-secreted secondary metabolites affect plant-associated bacteria.

Rameez Moidu Jameela

Postdoctoral reseacher

PhD Microbiology, Bose Institute (India), 2020.


Rameez has expertise in experimental bacteriology, microbial physiology-ecology-
evolution. He explores fundamentals of bacterial evolution within clones and


Nittay Meroz

PhD student in Agroecology

MSc  Microbiology, Bar Ilan University, 2018.

Nittay studies long-term co-evolutionary dynamics of competing bacterial species and their predictability.


Amichai Baichman-Kass

PhD student in Agroecology

(co-advised by Lianet Noda Garcia, HUJI)

MSc Agroecology , Hebrew University, 2021.

BSc Agroecology & Biotechnology, Hebrew University, 2019.

Amichai's research is focused on metabolic exchange in interspecific bacterial networks.


Hildah Amutuhaire

PhD student in Agroecology
(co-advised by Eddie Cytryn, ARO)

MSc  Agroecology, Hebrew University University, 2020. 

Hildah is bioprospecting for novel bacterial antifungal secondary metabolites for plant protection.


Bar Meron

PhD student in Biochmeisty and Food Sciences 

(co-advised by Tzvi Hayouka, HUJI)

MSc  Biochemisty and Food Sciences, Hebrew University, 2021 

BSc  Food Sciences, Tel-Hai College , 2019.

Bar is studying the evolution of resistance to antimicrobial peptides. 

Tal Livny

MSc student in Agroecology

BSc Agroecology, Hebrew University, 2021. 

Tal studies the evolutionary dynamics of bacterial interactions.


Gal Toledano

MSc student in Computational Biology

BSc Computer Science and Computational Biology, Hebrew University, 2020. 


Gal is interested in the evolution of interspecies interacations.


Einat Nestor

MSc student in Computational Biology

BSc  Computational Biology, Hebrew University, 2021.

Einat uses machine learning to predict how microbes interact.



Emotional support specialist


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Former lab members

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