We are always looking for talented, enthusiastic scientists.


We are a multidisciplinary lab, and welcome inquiries from applicants with diverse backgrounds across the life and exact sciences. However, most of our work involves quantitative analysis (theory, modeling, data analysis, etc). Therefore, applicants should be interested in addressing biological questions from a quantitative perspective.

Joining the group​

If you'd like to join the lab, email Jonathan and explain why you are interested in the lab. When writing your email, use the phrase "[Position Inquiry]" in the subject line (including the brackets). Also, please follow this academia-specific advice as well as this general one. (If you're reading this, you're already ahead of the game.)

Postdoctoral fellows: Interest in the lab's research and a record of excellence in your graduate career are the only requirements for successful candidates. In addition to the funded positions available at the lab, there are multiple external funding opportunities for those interested in training in the lab. A full list is detailed here.

Graduate students: Graduate student in the lab can pursue their degree with several programs at the Hebrew University, including Agroecology and Biotechnology

Undergraduate students: We welcome inquires from HUJI undergraduates that are enrolled in the "Amirim" program, or those who would like to do their senior year research exercise in the lab.


Summer/visiting students: There are multiple opportunities for short stays for students from specific institutions, as detailed here. Rarely, the lab also hosts outstanding students from other institutions, though we have very limited funds to do so.

Available Positions 

The projects available at moment are detailed below. However, feel free to contact us if you are especially excited by the group's research even if your profile does not match these positions listed below.

  • PhD/Postdoc position studying the evolution of resistance to antimicrobial peptides. This project combines experimental evolution with genome sequencing to design combination therapy that hinders the evolution of resistance in bacterial pathogens. Successful candidates will have a background in bacterial genomics using NGS. Experience in experimental evolution is an advantage. 

  • PhD/Postdoc position bioprospecting for novel antimicrobials. This project uses high-throughput culturing to seek for conditions that induce the production of novel secondary metabolites. Successful candidates will have experience in microbiology or molecular biology. Experience working with microfluidics or a background in biological engineering is a significant advantage.